Solo Travel is a well-known term today but few years back solo travel, especially female solo travel was quite a strange thing to most of the people. I started my solo travelling for a Himalayan trek because I did not find a trek partner.

Before that trip I have never been out of my town alone. When I planned for the trip, few people encouraged and few said its madness. I was also very doubtful about the result. Then I thought someday I have to start and the start will never be easy.

So why not now?

I am sure whoever is planning for the first solo travel even today or in future, will have the same doubts, fear, excitement and madness. I found solo travel is a good thing apart from a very few exceptions. Here I have listed few of pros and cons of solo travel. Read it and decide whether you want to travel solo.


Flexibility is the best thing about solo travel. You can enjoy flexibility of choosing destination, time of travel, choice of stay and food, mode of transport. Almost everything about the travel is flexible because you are the boss here. Sometime you will be surprised with your choices when you travel and decide everything on your own. When you travel with friends and family, you have to listen to others for everything and keep their choices in mind. I also agree good travel partners will give you more joy than solo travel but freedom of choice is priceless.


When you travel solo you are on your own. It is not always only fun. It is a responsibility to take care of yourself and be safe. So solo travel makes you a more responsible person. As it gives you freedom to decide everything for yourself, you need to think and choose wisely. And if you choose wrong sometime, you need to face the consequences also. Thus, you will learn about life and making choices. Solo travel develops you as person as well.

Pocket Friendly

While travelling solo you need to pay your bills only. So, you don’t need to spend much. Only exceptions are the destinations where local or public transport is not available. In that case you need to book a car for yourself which is always expensive.

Explore More

 If you are travelling alone then you can choose the way you want to explore the place. I like to explore local transport, food and localities lifestyle. So, I always travel by local transport, talk to local people or guide, to understand the local culture and food. If possible, I try to explore their culture and rituals like Puja and marriages. As a foodie, exploring local food is a must for me. I am sure this kind of exploring is not possible with a group of 10 people.

Broader Your Spectrum

While travelling solo you try to talk to other people because you don’t have known people with you. This way you can make new friends, share travel experiences with each other. Each traveller has their own life story, travel story, working experience, different home town and different culture. If you talk to other travellers you will get to know about new things and your spectrum will get broader with each trip.

Lot of Me Time

Solo travelling also allows you a lot of me time. In this me time you can do many things like reading, writing, sketching or may be just sit quietly and look inside yourself. I generally carry a book and try to finish the book by the end of the trip.

Security Issue

Security is big concern while travelling solo, specially for women. Try to plan your stay and travel very carefully. Book stays with good ratings and reviews. Try to travel through Govt. operated or local public transport. When you check in any hotel, check the room and bathrooms properly for any hidden cameras. Make sure your phone has enough charge.


  • Before you plan your travel, do a thorough research of the place. Like what are the places to see and approximately how many days it may take to cover those places.
  • Choose a travel destination where you can roam around freely in local and public transports.
  • Try to get some idea about the culture of the place before you go. Also, look for the weather predictions of the area and pack your bag according to that.
  • Keep your luggage as minimum as possible because you are on your own in this trip.
  • While travelling try to avoid night hopping and consumption of alcohol.
  • Always be alert and try to feel the vibe around you. Trust your gut feeling always.
  • Carry basic medicines and try not to fell sick.

Summing it up

These are few things I believe you need to know before you start your solo journey. Rest of it you will know once you get into it. I think you should experience at least once “Solo Travelling”. You will not regret if you are a wanderer like me.

Happy exploring my traveller friend!!

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